Rooftop Farming Choices

We humans desire to eat the sun. But it’s too far and too hot. So we hire the plants to do that for us. And when they do their jobs well — we eat them.

Why are farms outside a city ?

What’s abundant outside the city — is fresh air and lots and lots of sun. There are no building shadows — which is perhaps why your backyard farm needs so much fertilizer.

Rooftops of these shadow casting buildings — now that’s a good place to grow some food. It gets plenty of sun and air. And plants love the extra CO2 in the polluted air.


How to start A rooftop Farm ?

To do any farming — we need a nutrient medium. Something that the plant roots will hold onto. And absorb nutrients out of.

Soil and Water are the 2 known mediums today.

Hydroponics and Aquaponics — are both water based farming methods.

Between the 3 — I have found success with Aquaponics.

The planting density is small — thus many plants can be placed together. And because there’s no nutrient solution to prepare — multiple crops can be grown together.

This makes Aquaponics ideal for farming on a rooftop inside the city.

Farming is doing.

Robots aren’t ready to grow our food just yet. We humans grow food for humans. It’s unique to our species for the moment.

What to expect from your rooftop farm?

Expect to experience the magic of mom nature and the gifts she gives.

Expect peace and happiness.

Expect to give your neighbors a chance to experience food like they’ve never tasted before.

Are you an Aquaponics practitioner ? I would love to connect with you and learn more. Please come have a see of my instagram channel —



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My Rooftop farm makes me cash. I grow & sell to a hyperlocal subscriber base. I bring freshly plucked produce — straight from the plant to their kitchens.